Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an unavoidable fact of modern life, so it is important to understand what is on offer by cloud storage providers, and what those offers mean. Let us figure out which service is right for you, and get you started on the right track, and reduce the stress of having to make this selection all by yourself.

The Cloud

The 'Cloud' is possibly the most overused term in marketing of technology products and services, but it is not something magical that just came into being.

What is the Cloud?


When it comes to cloud storage services, security is one of the most important considerations, so find out what is the right choice for you.

Cloud Storage Security

Types of Cloud Storage

Even though companies would like to have people belive that their service is unique, there really are only a few types of cloud storage service.

Types of Cloud Storage

Picking Cloud Storage

Picking the most suitable cloud storage provide is not an easy task, but it need not be too complicated either, so we are here to help.

How to Pick a Provider

Cloud Storage Service Selection

Whether by design, lack of knowledge on the subject, or coincidence, almost anyone who has anything to do with technology (even as a basic user) has at one point or another crossed paths with a cloud service. Unfortunately, not many people realize this and are oblivious to the privacy implications that it entails. Cloud Storage Providers aims to break down the complicated issues of cloud privacy for the layman, and to help improve the privacy and security for all of us.