Types of Cloud Storage

Let us start by talking about what everyone wants to know, and that is how to get free cloud storage. In short, everyone offers some level of free cloud storage, so it is not hard to find, and there is really not better or worse service, as there are some really big players in this arena and they all provide polished and very user-friendly options. Now that we have dispensed with the cheapskates in the crown, it is time to discuss what is really on offer for paid customers.

Personal & Business

Cloud storage solutions fall under two major categories, personal and business, and most companies offering storage solutions offer packages which cater to both classes of customers. In general, the services are rather similar, but business plans usually have higher storage options, and offer a suite of collaboration tools and versioning. The business packages also allow for administrative accounts which helps businesses manage employee accounts and gain control of business documents beyond the basic sharing tools which consumer-level services provide.

Files & Photos

Even though most cloud storage solutions do not care about what type of files are being stored by their customers, the service packages are usually not built around photo archiving (though most companies eventually introduce such services and tools due to the high demand that exists for backing up photographs); however, there are services which are dedicated solely to photo archiving and storage, such as Flickr; however, these types of photo storage services are geared towards professional photographers or shutterbugs, and provide specialized tools, such as public galleries, and showcases.

So before picking a storage solution, examine your current and future needs, and based your selection on not only security, feature-sets, and ease-of-use, but also what you ultimately want to accomplish by signing up for a cloud storage service.